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Heather Bishop, CM, OM, Hon. LL.D, is an accomplished musician/singer-songwriter, social activist, keynote speaker, visual artist, published author, teacher, and tradeswoman. Most recently she has launched an exciting new career as a Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, and NLP Practitioner.   She has been awarded the Order of Canada, the Order of Manitoba, and an Honourary Doctorate of Laws.  Heather has always lived her belief that when she gives voice to the truth in her own life, it strikes a chord in other people’s lives as well.  Her vision is to create beauty and healing that touches and opens the hearts of inquiring minds around the world.  She is dedicated to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just world. Her goal is to be a guide for those on their way home to themselves. and

Dr. Erin Taylor, Sol Vibrations

Erin Taylor began her studies 20 years ago at University of Calgary, where she received a BSC in Kinesiology.  Her deep exploration and studies into the human body and brain confirmed for her that there must be an “unseen” energy operating the complex body-brain-heart (mind) dynamic.  To get a better understanding about the energy dynamics interfacing with the human body-brain, she enrolled in the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture where she trained for 4 years and received her Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture diploma.  After she completed her studies, she was invited back to the college where she was employed as a teacher, clinical supervisor, acupuncturist and TCM Doctor.  Erin’s research did not stop there.  Inspired to understand and go deeper into the nature of this “unseen energy”, she began researching vibration, frequency and sound.  Everything in existence is vibrating.  This vibration creates sound.  She began to understand that it is this sound, frequency, vibration that connects everything in the universe, from galaxies to cells.  She began to understand that, dis-ease and dis-harmony was the result of a vibrational (sound) shift in the body-mind-spirit, and that by shifting the vibration (sound) it is possible to shift body-mind-spirit back into a state of coherence, harmony, health and wholeness.  To further this research into how sound effects the healing process, she began studying Acutonics. The Acutonics system is, a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy that utilizes tuning forks and symphonic gongs tuned to the planets.  Acutonics connects body, mind and soul in the journey toward optimal health, harmonic attunement with all things in the Uni-Verse.

Erin understands the power of this healing modality and has fully integrated sound healing and Acutonics into her practice.  In addition she has and has recently completed her level 1-4 Acutonics teacher training and will be fully credited to teach all 9 levels of the Acutonics system by the end of June 2015.   Erin’s intention is to bring this powerful healing modality to Canada and to guide individuals who are interested in sound healing and the Acutonics system.   Erin presently teaches monthly Acutonics workshops and study groups for students and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds.  Erin has her own practice in the Calgary area where she practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and where Acutonics and sound healing has become a major part of her practice.

In addition, Erin has specialized in a deep energetic known as the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.  She has been studying and working with this energetic for the last decade and has been a part of her practice and thesis work.  She has learned and experienced the transformational power of these Vessels, and how they can help to transform emotional energies and patterns.  The application of sound with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels has been the heart of Erin’s practice where she has come to experience and witness these profound transformations.

John Tozeland

Releasing limitations through Hypnotherapy

Tammy (Rachana) Kremer

Tammy’s career started in Interior Design.  She has operated her own design/renovation business for many years as well as raising two daughters with her husband of 23 years. Currently Tammy and her husband own and operate a Real Estate Investment company. Spiritual balance became a way of life and changed the way Tammy was able to live with ease and grace throughout life’s ups and downs.

Exploring various interests and studying alternative modalities, such as natural medicine, shamanism, meditation and yoga, she travelled to the Salt Spring Centre for Yoga to complete an International Yoga Instructor certification.  Tammy has and still mentors with Shamans of the Inca tradition from Peru and became a Master Shaman and a well rounded healer for over 6 years now.  She recently completed a Bachelors of Metaphysics and is currently working towards a Master’s and Doctoral degree. Tying all of her experience into helping others is her purpose and joy, whether it is healing, counseling, mentoring, or sacred ceremonies.

Tammy teaches people how to walk in both worlds, through life and thought changing tools, from a wealth of personal and educational experience.   Living a life of peace, happiness, joy, and health helps us live a more fulfilling life.’s.earthchild

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