• Tara Sue Moore

Demystifying the Shamanic Journey

When you hear the words Shamanic Journey, what is the first reaction you have?

Is it a vision of an enticing, exotic ceremony?

Is it something you would secretely love to try doing but at the same time believe it is something you could never do?

Do you think you are too much “in your head”, too logical, too grounded, too trapped in the demands of a busy 21st century lifestyle for….?

Is it something you associate with other people, with free hippy like people, or members of indigenous cultures only? Something not for you, or people like you?

Well, surprise, in the 21st century, shamanic practices are gaining global 1st world respect and acceptance. Belief systems, traditions, and practices that have been held alive within the indigenous cultures are reaching into the mainstream world.

What if I were to say that a shamanic journey simply opens the door to healing through the spiritual body, open the door to accessing higher levels of intuition, to moving deeper through the surface mind chatter, and paves the way to clearer guidance from within.

Making sense, hmm, well let me explain.

SO what do I mean by Spiritual healing?

I believe we live, source, grow, heal through 4 different domains, Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We all know a fair amount about taking care of our physical bodies, exercise, eat right, sleep enough. Some of us are more diligent then others, but regardless of our actions I believe it is generally accepted that the better care we take of our physical bodies, the healthier we are. So how do we explain the athlete who is ill?

Next is the Mental body, our mental health and well being, again, while mental wellness might not be as widely spread, accepted and understood as physical health, most people I know in North America recognize the importance of mental health.

Next we have the emotional body, our emotional body is a domain where many of us use up a lot of our resources without awareness, and while this is a fascinating topic, it is not today’s focus.

My focus today is on the spiritual domain, While the religions

Through a broad variety of religious traditions, modern society identifies with spiritual well-being more readily then emotional health, but for many generations, shamanic-traditions were not given the same respect as religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Moslem, just to name a few big ones.

But what if I told you that shamanic practices predated most if not all of the modern religions and are simply ancient spiritual healing practices which have been kept alive for us by many of our indigenous cultures.

Some really cool facts about shamanism include

  • After studying quite a number of traditions, I have learned that each culture has many similarities including

  1. Working closely connected to the elements of the earth.

  2. Communication with the spirit world, guides and teacher, incorporeal beings

  3. Healing on a spiritual plane, which then filters into the physical, mental and emotional domains.

  4. A creation mythology

  5. A rebirthing ceremony

Shamanic journeying is not limited to a select few, it is a learned practice of shifting our consciousness away from the 3rd dimensional world we live in, away from our pineal chakras in the middles of our heads, out of our multipart brains and into extraordinary realities. With practice, dedication, and training, anyone can journey.

Our bodies are habitual; it takes energy to build new habits. Just like increasing muscle tone and flexibility by exercising regularly, one can build up their emotional resilience and build up their spiritual abilities.

If you are still with me at this point, this would suggest that the earth traditions might be calling you. Trust your instincts, trust your higher wisdom, Dare to take that first step, embarking on a new journey, a step into the future you desire.

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