• Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval

Whole Presence is an opportunity to retrieve and reunify all aspects of your energetic Self –“Presence”. Similar to soul retrieval Whole Presence brings back and integrates amounts of your Soul energy that have been lost, given or taken away. However, in this advanced process you are guided in the course of one intensive four hour session to journey through all time, space and dimensions to retrieve 100% of your Soul fragments lost in either this lifetime or any of your incarnations. It is time for Wholeness. In this rapidly advancing evolutionary phase on earth spiritual awakening is linked to being completely present – in the present moment with all of your Presence.

Why Whole Presence?

Whole Presence empowers you to be all that you are, an unlimited creator within this life experience.  As your energy is no longer fragmented and diffused you become capable of easily and quickly going beyond any restricting or distorted concepts and beliefs of the past.  Emotional issues that arise may be processed and released with little effort and you recognize that profound shifts have occurred even without giving attention to those areas.

What is Presence?

This tends to be a challenging question to answer because there are so many subtle and very subjective responses.  There are as many definitions as people asking the question.  Certainly every spiritual or religious path has a different variation.  Soul, Divine Spirit, Being, Consciousness, I Am Presence are a few common labels. It is all this and more.

Presence is who you are, an infinite, eternal creative aspect of All That Is.  You are a conscious being which is a unique vibration with distinctive inherent qualities – your core Self or Soul on an energetic level.  When the energy is initially found and felt in the body it is known experientially beyond words.  Translating this profound esoteric experience into human language usually leaves much to be desired.

Discovering Presence and becoming familiar with it is a deeply moving experience.  You become aware that the Presence is aware of your attention to it and there is an immediate ease of communication between the human level awareness and that greater awareness of your being.  It is the Presence that has orchestrated your unfolding path and lead you to more awareness of the Self and wholeness.

Other types of energy that are associated with your human body such as kundalini, prana, chakra, meridian, emotional, heart and/or chi energies are part of the human experience and not the eternal conscious awareness of your being. Even the I Am Presence or oversoul is not all of who you are. When you become aware of the unique vibrational qualities of your Presence it is clearly distinguishable from these other energies and aspects.

Where has my Presence Gone?

Over all of your incarnations for as long as you have existed bits of your energy have been left behind with other people, places and events.  Your multidimensional Presence has traveled to many star systems, higher dimensional realities, parallel universes and even into the future.  In this lifetime alone we have tended to give away much of our life force energy –Presence- to our loved ones or had traumatic events separate us from parts of ourselves. And, of course, Presence fragments are scattered along the path of all your lifetimes.

The Whole Presence Process

For those ready and committed to spiritual awakening this process is an opportunity for a quantum leap in wholeness.  In the Whole Presence session you are actually taught a concise yet simplified shamanic journeying technique plus the tools for retrieving your own energy fragments and reunifying the whole field of Presence.  The fact that you experience doing this for yourself and obtain the skills and tools makes it possible to keep the reunified field clear, intact and vibrationally in harmony with your body.

There are three skills necessary for people to be successful with Whole Presence and with integrating the resulting transformation.

The skills that support Presence are:

  • working with energy

  • managing your focus and

  • handling change gracefully.

It is important to have some level of experience and confidence in all three areas before considering Whole Presence work.  Having these skills combined with a strong feeling of enthusiasm and knowing that this is right for you will determine your experience with moving powerfully to a new level of Self and allowing your whole Self to be expressed.

Guidance and support are provided as you journey through all time, space and dimensions retrieving bits of your Presence.  First you go out to the solar system, galaxy and all universes.  Next the journey covers all of your past lives, this current lifetime and even future life experiences.  Energy is retrieved from all the higher dimensions, Creation Source and anyone who may have some amount of your energy.

The session concludes with your reunifying all of the gathered fragments and rebalancing your Whole Presence to be in harmony with your physical body.

Follow up

It is essential to follow up the reunification with a regular maintenance routine to keep the field clear and unified as it shifts and expands.  Over time the integration and developing conscious awareness of your Whole Presence results in experiencing more of your unlimited creative Divine nature.  In alignment with Source and all of Life you radiate the pure essence of your being creating more peace, love and light for all.

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