Youth and Family Offerings

Heartmath Training Events

Consciously engaging the power of the human heart through deceptively     simple, easily repeatable techniques is proven to produce rapid results that last. Participants report significant,   sustained, improvements in physical health, mental acuity and emotional   responses.

Documented results include:

© Reduced anxiety and increased     resilience, the ability to manage life challenges with ease.

© Improved memory and problem   solving, higher test scores.

© Access to intuition, enhanced        decision making and creativity.

© Improved communication and       interpersonal skills.

Heartmath Services offered:

© Resiliency Training, Learn to replace draining emotions like anxiety, grief, frustration, nervousness, and fear with renewing emotions like forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and caring.

© Heart Mapping—Heart based problem solving techniques

© Training and coaching on the use of Heartmath Biofeedback Equipment.

© Individual Coaching sessions.


Financial Literacy Lessons – Fear Free Finances

After almost 20 years as an advisor, Tara knows how important it is to start implementing good, practical financial and investment practices. Tara Sue empowers individuals through a   combination of straight forward education and emotional reframing as to what money management really means. In simple terms, she breaks down the seemingly complex financial landscape.

Youth Presentation Topics include:

$ What is enough? What is money, why is it such an important driver in the 21st century world. Why do we need to learn to manage it?

$ Time—The value of saving and investing from a young age, the power of       compounding, the miracle of time.

$ Budgeting, Good debt vs. Draining debt. Why your credit rating is an important.


Drum Circle Facilitation

Providing Drums and Rhythm instruments for up to 30 youth, certified facilitators lead youth in an exciting, fun, collaborative physical experience. Drumming improves focus and decision making,  stimulates creative thinking, promotes cooperation among participants, encourages clear communication and motivates harmonious interaction between participants, all while providing a playful vehicle for experiential learning.

Earth Rocks! Minerals, Gems and Crystals Exploration

Includes a diversified set of natural gems and crystals for attendees to see and    examine.

Presentations can include

¨ Modern cosmetic, scientific and industrial uses.

¨ Geological explanations of gem and mineral formation.

¨ Myths and ancient cultural uses of various crystals and gems.

¨ An introduction to modern metaphysical and healing qualities of common crystals.

¨ Material can be adapted to interface with age appropriate curriculum studies of rocks and minerals.

Cochrane, Alberta


Heart, Health and Wealth Strategies 

Bridging the Space between Science, Secular and Sacred

Health and Wellness through Emotional and Spiritual Exploration and Expansion

Workshops and Classes for all ages.