Workshop – Metaphysical Meanderings

Metaphysical Meanderings – 2 day workshop

Facilitators, Heather Bishop and Tara Sue Moore

Are you curious about the metaphysical world, but reluctant to start asking questions. Do you sense there is something to all of this spiritual stuff, but find the language and the practices simply daunting and overwhelming, maybe even just too weird?

Metaphysical Meanderings is a 2 day general introduction to a wide variety of metaphysical modalities. Discover the power of grounding and connecting to the earth, take your first shamanic journey to meet your power animal. Experience a hypnotherapy trance and travel on your time line. Delve into the power of sound as a healing tool. Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask.

Experienced facilitators, Heather Bishop and Tara Sue Moore bridge the gap between the secular and the sacred worlds. Both women have significant teaching and speaking experience, have been successful in the mainstream world and have studied a significant body of esoteric modalities. They combine to deliver a mind, body and soul opening, very entertaining, fast paced experiential introductory workshop to the world of metaphysics.

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