Workshop – Heart Mapping – Heart Based Problem Solving.

Mind and Heart Mapping – 3 Hour workshop.

Facilitator – Certified Heartmath Resiliency Coach, Tara Sue Moore

A powerful planning and problem solving tool, Learn to create a joint venture between the mind and the heart, resulting in more balanced and complete plans. Do you have a project to plan or a problem to solve? A function to plan, a business to start? In this 2 hour workshop you will be introduced to a powerful technique to move your mind and heart into a coherent, communicative state, opening up the channels to higher level guidance and intuition, then use this technique to create an action plan involving your mind, and your heart.

Mind mapping is brainstorming, a proven technique used in education and business to engage the whole brain in problem solving. It is a non-judgmental way of processing and writing down information without editing the original inspirational ideas.

Heart Mapping – generates creative and inspirational possibilities by integrating heart coherence into the planning process. It adds another layer of information essential for gaining coherent perspective by creating a joint venture between your head and your heart. The magnetic field of the heart can be measured to over 3 feet away from the body, the mind’s field only extends out an inch or so.

The mind map is considered the “to do” list, the Heart map is the “to be” list. Both are needed as the heart map will highlight key points often missed or buried in the linear mind map. When combined, the result is a more balanced and complete action plan.

The techniques are simple to learn, once learned you have this powerful tool to use going forward. A simple change that takes minimal to no more time than conventional problem solving approaches yet can yield dramatically improved outcomes.

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