Women’s Events

Tantra for GBLT women, Awaken the Goddess – March 6-8th, 2015

The word Tantra means ‘to Weave’ together all our different aspects: physical, spiritual, emotional & psychological; also weaving in our inherent energies (masculine & feminine), our life experiences, ideas, personality traits, perspectives & sexual identity, so that we can experience ourselves as a whole, complete human being.

Many people whose experience & expression of their sexuality doesn’t comply with family expectations, social & cultural acceptance or religious doctrine (to name a just a few of the sets of rules we are expected to live by), are left with feelings & experiences of separation; not just from those groups who have had influence in our lives, but most sadly, a sense of separation from the truth of who you really are.

There is a popular myth that Tantra is about being able to have sex for many hours or even days. In fact, Tantra is about weaving your sexual or creative life-force energy into all aspects of your day to day life. Through practice you will discover that your body is it’s own fountain of youth & take delight in re-found energy, see worry lines fade & notice a new bounce in your step.

Are you ready to
• Be present and comfortable in your own body
• Embrace and expand your natural sexuality
• Learn to experience ecstasy in your every day life
• Release and heal from the pain of past relationships
• Simply experience more joy, harmony and peace

If you feel ‘yes’ to any of these possibilities, then you are exactly who we are inviting to join us March 6th to 8th for this private and exclusive workshop.


In this workshop; we will:
• Create space for GLBT women to explore their authentic potential in a safe, secure & non-judgemental environment.

• Learn & practice powerful tools to honour your authentic energetic identity

• Learn the 4 Pillars of Tantric Practice to intensify a sense of wholeness & completion

• Learn practices to help heal the past & create space for your ongoing expansion

• Explore the creative power of your sensuality


Note: While this work is amazing to do with your partner, this workshop is structured for individuals.

Cochrane: March 6 to 8, 2015
Please reserve your seat early as space is limited.

Cost: $350 Early registration discount of $50 if you register & provide a $100 deposit by February 20th. Includes: Friday night introductory session, 2 full days workshop & home learning materials.

This workshop will be lead by Francesca Blackstock, TantricPath Seminars & Coaching www.tantricpath.com
To register or for more information, contact Francesca at 403-918-6783 or email her at tantra@shaw.ca