Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval

Have you ever felt or said out loud,

“I feel scattered”, “I’m not myself”, “I’m not grounded”,  “I’m off the planet”, “I’ve lost touch with myself”, or “That person drained me”?

Have you experienced trauma you just cannot quite recover from?

Do you feel burdened by “ties” to parents, partners, children?

Do you struggle to maintain your health?

As the evolutionary process on the planet accelerates, reunifying your Whole Presence allows you to move more easily through the intensifying transitions.  The integrity of the reunified self brings inner strength and balance establishing more harmony and peace. A Whole Presence allows for greater clarity and increased focus and a deeper, more pervading sense of oneness with all of Life. Whole Presence empowers you to be all that you are, an unlimited creator within this life experience.  As your energy is no longer fragmented and diffused you become capable of easily and quickly going beyond any restricting or distorted concepts and beliefs of the past.  Emotional issues that arise may be processed and released with little effort and you recognize that profound shifts have occurred even without giving attention to those areas. Over time the integration and developing conscious awareness of your Whole Presence results in experiencing more of your Unlimited Creative Divine Nature.  In alignment with Source and all of Life you radiate the pure essence of your being, creating more Peace, Love and Light for all.

Be successful with Whole Presence and with integrating the resulting transformation.

The skills that support Presence are:

¨      working with energy

¨      managing your focus and

¨      handling change gracefully.

It is important to have some level of experience and confidence in all three areas before considering Whole Presence work.  Having these skills combined with a strong feeling of enthusiasm and knowing that this is right for you will determine your experience with moving powerfully to a new level of Self and allowing your whole Self to be expressed.

The Whole Presence Process begins with the Sacred Circle Containment and Filter System Creation.

The next step is the identification of the individuals’s presence within their own body.

The third step is a whole body grid clearing and alignment.

Once all these preparatory steps are completed, the Quantum Soul Retrieval can begin.

Guidance and support are provided as you journey through all time, space and dimensions retrieving bits of your Presence.  First you go out to the solar system, galaxy and all universes.  Next the journey covers all of your past lives, this current lifetime and even future life experiences.  Energy is retrieved from all the lower and higher dimensions, Creation Source and finally specific individuals who still hold parts of your presence are brought forth.

The session concludes with a final cleansing and filtering followed by reunifying all of the gathered fragments and rebalancing your Whole Presence to be in harmony with your physical body. Read More

Whole Presence Group Offerings

Sacred Circle Creation – 2.5 hour evening workshop

Presence Identification and Cleansing – Sacred Circle Creation, Presence Identification,  Grid cleansing and alignment, 4-5 hour meditation workshop with Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Individuals Offerings

Sacred Circle Creation – 1 hour 1:1 session with Tara Sue Moore

Presence Identification  –  1-1.5 hour 1:1 session with Tara Sue Moore

Presence Grid Cleansing (Prerequisite Presence Identification) – 1-1.5hour 1:1 session with Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Retrieval – All Space Journey (Prerequisite Presence Identification) – 1-1.5 hour 1:1 session with Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Retrieval – All Time Journey (Prerequisite Presence Identification) – 1-1.5 hour session with Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Retrieval – Completion Journeys (Prerequisite Presence Identification) – 1-1.5 hour session with Tara Sue Moore

Whole Presence Retrieval – All Journeys (Prerequisite Presence Identification) – 3-4 hour session

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval Complete Session  – 1:1 with Tara Sue Moore – 4-5 hour session

Whole Presence Price List – January 2016

Individual Sessions  are booked directly through Tara Sue Moore