Tosca Burtenshaw – Intuitive Reader, Usui Reiki Master

Tosca is an intuitive who has been exploring different modalities on her journey to find how she can best contribute to the wellness and healing of others. She loves learning and has attended several courses and workshops which have exposed her to new ideas as well as expanded her intuitive abilities. Some of these workshops include Building Intuition and Mediumship skills, Oracle Card Reading, Working with Pendulums, Functioning and Flourishing as an Empath and HeartMath™. She is also an Usui Reiki Master. Tosca is currently offering Intuitive Oracle Card Readings at Spirit of Oneness.  She offers clients the chance to ask questions that are most forefront on their minds, and uses her various decks of cards to support her intuition to answer those questions.  Outside of the store Tosca does Reiki Treatments, and can also help with house clearings

Tosca Profile - With Dog.


Register for your session with Tosca through links on the events page or by calling the store at 403-851-4448

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