NLP and Hypnotherapy

Women’s empowerment workshop and retreat series, Releasing Limiting Emotions and Beliefs series

In alliance with Tour De Trance, and The Tozeland Group, Spirit of Oneness offers a variety of powerful hypnotherapy group empowerment sessions. Life changing sessions easily and gently open channels of clear communication between our subconscious and unconscious parts of our minds. Guided by our practitioners, you are led on a journey of self-discovery. You are led on a journey to remember your full complete empowered state of being, a state from which you can source infinite power, knowledge and gifts.

Hypnotherapy is:

Take yourself on an exciting journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  Banish the nagging judge that weighs heavily on your shoulders.  Heal your past, shift the way you experience your present and empower yourself to choose your own future.

NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy Practitioner Trainings – Are you considering a new career, or already working in the health and wellness arena and looking to expand or deepen your skillsets. Master NLP Trainer, John Tozeland will be offering a series of NLP trainings in the Calgary area.  Completion of the one year program gives you………………………………………….

We are currently collecting expressions of interest in participating in this workshop series. Once 8 or more individuals come together, we will set dates. The series will be held in Cochrane, Alberta and will consist of a total of 4 weeks training.

Participants who complete the full training will be certified.

Please see the event calendar for upcoming sessions, workshops and trainings. – We have not dates set for 2016, but will schedule Heather or John to return when there is enough interest.