Lisa Taylor, Master Herbalist, Iridology

Lisa Taylor has been Master Herbalist since 2007 and has worked with over 800 people as a Natural Health Consultant. She uses the tools of iridology (analysis of the iris), sclerology (analysis of the white of the eye) and tongue assessment (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help provide you insight to your body’s strengths and weaknesses.

tait_0142When you have a Natural Health Assessment with Lisa you will receive nutritional advice, suggested lifestyle changes and direction on what supplements to take in order to improve your health.

Lisa is also a Bio Energy Healer, which is an amazing form of energy healing. Bio energy is a non-evasive modality that improves depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep, energy and much more.

Intuitive readings are another service that Lisa provides. Lisa has been working with angel cards for over 10 years and more recently in 2013, became a Certified Angel Card Reader, with Doreen Virtue. If you are wondering about any area of your life, Lisa can provide you with some perspective and direction around your recent past, current situation and future outlook.

Lisa is instore by Appointment Only.

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