Julie Worthington, Medium and Intuitive

Julie’s journey began 16 years ago with taking Reiki and reading books on energy, followed by massage therapy, (RMT) reflexology and medium courses.

Julie loves connecting to all energy and feeling the love and seeing the healing that can take place. She finds balance and flow in being a single mom by doing yoga, running and spending time outside in nature. She is looking forward to studying heart math and akashic records.


Through meditation Julie learned to witness her thoughts and quiet her mind. In this space she is able to change her vibration, allowing her to hear angels, loved ones that have passed, messages from spirit guides and your bodies. Each session is guided by what each client needs to hear, receive, or experience

Julie also cuts cords and moves white healing energy through your chakras and down your meridians lines.


Julie offers readings and energy work at Spirit Oneness/Earth Rocks!! Tuesday’s and alternating Sundays.


Readings are also available via phone or through a location in Strathmore,

Massage services are mobile.


In peace, light and love.

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