Iridology Readings and Reports, Lisa Taylor

Natural Health Assessment


Lisa uses the tools of iridology (analysis of the colored part of the eye) and sclerology (analysis of the white of the eye) as well as tongue assessment to provide you with valuable information regarding your health.

Both iridology and sclerology are a scientific method, which have been used for hundreds of years to assess the health of the tissues of the body. It can show where the body is in excess and where it is deficient.

Lisa will look at your eyes with a magnifying glass and flashlight to be able to see the colors, fibers, markings and other indicators, which are charted and kept on file for future reference. The tongue is also interpreted, as this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine can show us a lot about digestion, hydration, excess mucous and more.

When you leave your assessment you will be empowered with motivation, nutritional advice, suggested lifestyle changes, and any natural supplements that help balance the body.

Assessments take 45-60 minutes and are $80.


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