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 LIFE  =  Love, Inspiration, Freedom, and Enthusiasm



Depleting, draining emotions like anger, fear, anxiety and depression poison us.


The more time one spends experiencing depleting emotions, the more difficult it is for our cardiovascular system, our immune system and even our brains to function well.


Unhappiness ages us long before our time and if left unchecked can be fatal.


Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to recover from times of sadness and loss? Or why some individuals become bitter and hardened by life’s challenges? Or why it is so hard to let go of childhood patterns?


The human body is a creature of habit!


The more time one spends feeling depleting, draining harmful emotions, the more normal it will be for our body to feel this way and the more difficult it is to remember how to feel positive.


Once a body learns to recognize draining emotions as normal, the body will default to this health-depleting state. Over time, a vicious cycle is created and it becomes increasingly difficult to experience uplifting, renewing emotional states.


HeartMath Institute has devoted more than 30 years to studying the impact of emotions on our physical and mental body. During those decades of research, they discovered something remarkable, and remarkably simple.


Heartmath found that a positive attitude creates positive, renewing emotions, but only temporarily. However, by also engaging the heart, positive feelings quickly shift from temporary to long lasting.



When we consciously shift to appreciation, compassion or another positive, renewing emotion, our heart rhythms immediately shift.


This electrical shift in the heart creates a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body.



We gain clarity, calmness, and control; effects are immediate, long lasting, and felt by those around you.


By consciously using HeartMath’s deceptively simple techniques, over a period of only a few weeks, one retrains their own body to recognize and choose positive renewing emotions like compassion, love, appreciation and forgiveness as “normal”.


On average it only takes about 6 weeks for the cycle to be broken and the desired emotional state is achieved with steadily increasing frequency. Laughter, happiness, joy, peace and love become the new normal and life becomes fun.




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Rapid and lasting results, HeartMath helps you:


We may not always get to choose life circumstances but we can learn to choose our response.


 HeartMath trains our bodies to choose positive, fulfilling responses naturally.


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Resiliency is the amount of energy one has stored within one’s “inner battery”, energy available for use by the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.



Increased capacity and resiliency significantly enhances one’s ability to retain composure, stay in charge of your actions, and perceive things more clearly.


 Building and sustaining resilience capacity means becoming more intelligent about how you use your energy and replenishing your energy reserves.


Heartmath’s skillfully designed, reliable, science based series of deceptively simple tools, when used consistently over a relatively short period of time have been proven to dramatically increase individual’s resilience capacity opening the door for noticeable shifts and improvements in many aspects of one’s life.




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Practicing Coherence and resilience building skills leads to many physiological, psychological and relational benefits. Heartmath:



                        From the boardroom to the classroom to the sports field, a healthier more robust inner battery has been documented to enhance performance.




Heartmath’s tools are designed to be used on the go, providing simple usable solutions compatible with the busy lifestyles of the modern world.


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YES, positive and negative emotions really are “contagious”.


HeartMath research explains why some people always seem to be the “life of the party”, the individuals everyone feels happy to see.



HeartMath’s tools and techniques can teach you to be an individual who lightens up the room, just by being present.



The ability to consciously choose ones emotional state is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves…and others!!



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“I attended the HeartMath Resiliency Training workshop to try to gain some emotional control and to improve my sleep. What I learned at the workshop was so far beyond my expectations! Not only did I learn techniques for emotional control, I learned tools to aid in better decision-making, improved effective communication, and how to maintain a calm and regenerative emotional state for extended periods of time. I also learned about the physiological and sociological research behind these techniques, which greatly satisfied my ever-present scientific curiosity.”
Tina Dubois, May 2015 HeartMath Resiliency Training


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