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Sound Frequency and Vibrational Healing

Crystal Infused Singing Bowls

Crystal Bowl Concert Walks – Downtown Calgary Lunchtime Series. Beginning in December, 2014, we are bringing a series of lunchtime sound baths into downtown core of Calgary. Come experience the pure pleasure of just listening to the beautiful, relaxing harmonies while at the same time receiving a full body alignment. Physical stress is simply melted away as the vibrations from the pure crystal bowls wash away worries, tensions, and stressors. Watch SpiritofOneness.ca for our locations and dates, coming soon.

The healing power of vibration, of sound is an ancient, modern and futuristic healing tool. The human body. The end result is a deeper level of internal and external harmony, a true sense of coherence, and a renewed sense of balance. There is a shift in perception of what is within and without; the body, mind, and spirit are able to achieve far greater unity that results in an increased well-being.

Acutonics and Bodytalk Treatments

Group Sound Healing Sessions – Crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency or note of each chakra within the human body are played together creating a concert of relaxing yet regenerating and invigorating harmonies. Many of the Singing bowls we use are infused with the essence of earthly and cosmic energetics, minerals, precious and semiprecious gemstones augmenting the frequencies and enhancing the effects on the human body.  Cosmic Gongs introducing new frequencies to the earth and the human body are a literally “out of this world” addition to the harmonic concerto. Contact info@spiritofoneness.ca to explore creating a personalized sound wellness program for your organization.

Individual Sound Healing Sessions – offered privately by Dr. Erin Taylor from Sol Vibrations, Jolene Tse from Illuminous Vibrations, Jan Gale from Sulis Healing, and Tara Sue Moore from Ametrine Spirit. All of these practitioners are skilled in the use of the Acutonics system of tuning forks. These high quality healing tools are tuned precisely and exactly to the natural rhythms and frequencies of our earth and solar system. The natural world and its cycles play a critical role in the development of a balanced and sustainable way of life, a life that is built in harmony and a deep recognition that what is out there in the natural world and the greater cosmos is also within us. Applied to the body through acupuncture meridians, these precisely tuned vibrations immediately shift our own inner structure, our own frequency, bringing us back into harmony and coherence.

Oils and Essences

Young Living Oils

Thieves Treatment Line

Animal Essences

Gemstone, and Sacred Ray Essences (Ascention Aromatics)

Quantum Energy Oils