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SPECIALTY PRICED Heartmath Workshop – Pay What you Think it is Worth, Admission $25.00

May 14, 2016 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Special Opportunity, in recognition of how much rapid, uncomfortable change many community residents are currently experiencing, Tara Sue is offering the entire Heartmath Training with special pricing terms to Cochrane Area Families.

Children must be old and mature enough to sit through 6 hours of teachings in 1 day, minimum age of 11 years.

“Pay What You Think it is Worth” means – Admission is $25, then at the end of the workshop, you pay whatever you feel is fair exchange for the teachings.

Preregistration is a MUST as space is limited…..Contact Earth Rocks!! at 403-851-4448 to reserve your seats today.

Credit Card requested to hold your seats, 24 hours notice requested for cancellations.

No Shows will be charged $50 per person.

With Heart, Health and Wealth Facilitator and Coach, Tara Sue Moore, A certified Heartmath trainer and coach.



While we cannot always easily choose our circumstances, we do have the right to choose how we feel and react to all of life’s challenges and experiences.

Are you or someone you love consumed by emotions like worry, anxiety, anger, or depression?
Are you tired of waking up wishing you could start your day tomorrow?
Can you remember what it feels like to just laugh for no reason as joy bubbles up from inside?

The more time one spends struggling to cope with depleting, draining emotional feelings, the greater the damage to one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Humans are creatures of habit and our thoughts and emotions are no different. Heartmath teachings and activities are designed to educate and empower individuals to learn to quickly shift and reset internal patterns, to train one’s bodies to recognize and choose vibrant, healthy renewing mental and emotional outlooks as the normal state. To create a new default emotional baseline.

Modern science has proven that the magnetic fields around every living body carry within them the thoughts and emotions of the individual producing them, The energy, and mindset of a group really is a sum of the individuals as we interact with each other. The ability to be a catalyst and anchor for uplifting, renewing vibrant emotions, emotions that support healthy personal or professional growth and change is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves and others.

In just 1 day, learn simple tools and techniques to support your body in remembering what it is like to feel uplifting, renewing emotions such peace, joy, love and appreciation. This workshop teaches skills one will use over a lifetime. They are simple and effective and efficient to fit into your lifestyle.Effects from the use of the techniques can be expected to be felt immediately, and permanent shifts should be expected within 6-8 weeks.

We see the world through how we feel, teach your body to feel good. Learn to be one of those people who brightens up the room as they enter, one of those people everyone is pleased to see.

Heartmath is used by professional athletes, first responders, Army and Navy, health care professionals and educators throughout North America. Results are measurable and consistent and the practices are designed to fit into our fast paced North American lifestyles. Many individuals who do not have time to go to the gym or to meditate, can find time for heartmath.

Biofeedback technology to measure results is available and for some people is proven to be extremely beneficial.


NORMAL COST for this workshop is $225 per Person

To register please complete the online form.

Note – Program is also taught through 1:1 Coaching or through a series of 3 evening group sessions. See the Events calendar or contact the store at 403-851-4448 for details.


I practice the techniques in the afternoon, on the way home, and at bedtime, and I don’t feel my usual afternoon blahs. Not only that, I’m actually getting a bunch of critical stuff done, and my resting pulse is around 5 beats lower than usual. All I can say is, ‘Wow!’” Sr. Systems Engineer, Customer Success Engineering

“I attended the HeartMath Resiliency Training workshop with Tara Sue Moore at the Spirit of Oneness to try to gain some emotional control and to improve my sleep, which have both needed help of late. What I learned at the workshop was so far beyond my expectations! Not only did I learn techniques for emotional control, of which I am extremely grateful and can wholeheartedly attest to their efficacy, I learned tools to aid in better decision-making, improved effective communication, and how to maintain a calm and regenerative emotional state for extended periods of time. I also learned about the physiological and sociological research behind these techniques, which greatly satisfied my ever-present scientific curiosity. After two weeks of practice, I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to stay calm in stressful situations and have improved communication skills in a number of relationships. I am enormously grateful to have learned these valuable techniques and will continue to practice these incredibly easy and yet powerful life skills. Thank you Tara Sue for sharing your valuable and life-changing knowledge.” Tina Dubois, May 2015 Heartmath Resiliency Training

“At the beginning I used my inner balance monitor frequently, but now I do my Heartmath as I prepare to head to work and only if I have a particularly gruelling day, do I pull out the monitor for 10 minutes at bed time, which ensures a restful night’s sleep. In an effort to cope with my high stress career and busy lifestyle, I have pursued and studied many mainstream and metaphysical, mental, physical, and spiritual healing techniques. So far nothing has produced results as simply and dramatically as these simple heartmath practices. I thought my first Heartmath workshop might be a little boring compared to other workshops I had taken, but I was instead impressed at the deceptive simplicity of the highly effective techniques and enthralled at the depth of the scientific research.. Even more interesting, I quickly noticed the results from my Heartmath work had more staying power then the results from the much more in depth and time consuming meditative and spiritual practices I was currently following”……..Tara Sue Moore, single mother and BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Advisor, June 2013. Note – this was written in 2013 after first experiencing Heartmath. I was so impressed that in 2014 I trained to teach this amazing body of work to others.


May 14, 2016
9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Frank WIlls Memorial Hall
#405, 1st Street East.
Cochrane, Alberta Canada
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