Workshop – Energetically Powered Up Vision Boards

Energetically powered up Vision Boards – 3-4 hour workshop

Vision boards provide incentive, help with visualization, support one in thinking beyond limitations, are fun to create……and they work!! The Law of attraction, simple physics, states that we humans draw into our world that which we give our attention to. We can choose to create our lives from the vibration of expansion (love) or from contraction (fear). Vision board creation assists each of us in shifting into expansion, setting the stage for 2015 to be your year to achieve the goals you have been dreaming about.

Together we will create our vision boards for 2015, once created Tara Sue will lead you through a guided imagery meditation designed to align your heart and your mind, open up the channels to higher intuition, connect (ground) you and your visions to mother earth and then from this centered powerful balanced point, launch your vision out into the 2015 year. Create an energetically supercharged version of a classic vision board creation.

Regular Cost $60 per adult, $40 per child, $70 per family.


10m to 1pm – Youth Visionaries age 8-14.

(5-8 year olds welcome if accompanied by an adult),

2-5:30pm – Adult visionaries

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