Earth Rocks!! Crystals and Gift Store, Cochrane, Alberta

Earth Rocks!! Crystals and Gifts / Spirit of Oneness, Center for Wholistic Life Choices

#505 1st St West, Cochrane, AB

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Store Phone Line, including Bookings and Appointments – 403-851-4448


Business Hours

Retail Hours – January 2016

Monday 10:30am to 5:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 10:30am to 5:30pm
Thursday 10:30am to 7:30pm
Friday 10:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday 10:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm


Community Health and Wellness Leaders, Facilitators and Practitioners……

Please come join at Cochrane Choices, Health and Wellness Connections

Facebook or Meetup Groups.

Please post and create your classes and workshops on these central sites.

Store Products Include:

Crystals – Gemstones, Jewelry, Tumbled, Polished and Raw. All crystal inventory is hand picked and personally purchased for Earth Rocks!!
Himalayan Salt Products, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Books, Gemstone and Silver Jewelry, Incense, Smudging tools, Dream Catchers, Malas and ceremonial items, Spiritual Tools and Statues, Essential Oils, Herbal Teas.

Most workshops and Services are available through the center and/or by private booking.

Contact the store at 403-851-4448 for more details and to register.

Instore Readings and Health and Wellness Services Including:

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Aura Imaging and Readings
Angel Card Readings
Oracle and Tarot Readings
Iridology Readings
Mediumship and Channeling
Guided Imagery Meditations
Guided Shamanic Journeys

Walk in spots available, to insure you get the appointment you want, please call ahead to book.

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Community Notice board, local practitioners please post your card or workshop instore for all to see.

Workshops taught through the Store include:

Evening Workshops (under 3 hours): – All workshop registration packages include 1 10% off coupon for Earth Rocks!!)
Introduction to Pendulums (Kimberley Buckler)
Tips and Techniques to Function and Flourish as an Empath (Tina Dubois)
Introduction to Shamanic Journeying (Tara Sue Moore)
Healing with the Elements of the Earth (Tara Sue Moore)
Introduction to Smudging (Tara Sue Moore)
Heartmath Introduction (Tara Sue Moore)
Tree of Life Pendant Creation (Janet Bullard)
Dreamweaver Creation (Janet Bullard)
Smudge Feather Creation (Janet Bullard)
Wire Wrapping (Janet Bullard)
Crystal Healing Series(Tina Dubois and Tara Sue Moore)

Full day and Multi Day Workshops
Heartmath Emotional Resiliency Training (Tara Sue Moore)
Awakening the Illuminated Heart (Tara Sue Moore)
Crystals (Tina Dubois and Tara Sue Moore)
Healing with the Elements of the Earth (Tara Sue Moore)
Whole Presence Grid Alignment and Quantum Soul Retrieval (Tara Sue Moore)

Meditations and Active Practices (Early 2016)

Ceremonial Drum Circles (Tara Sue Moore)
Community Drum Circles (Tara Sue Moore)
Making Space Meditation series (Tara Sue Moore)
Grounding and Empowerment Meditation Series (Tara Sue Moore)
Daring Darkness Series (Tara Sue Moore)
Chakra Movement and Meditation (Tara Sue Moore)

Services and Practitioners Include:
Tara Sue Moore (Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Heartmath Trainer and Coach, Aura Reader, Financial Consultant)
Tina Dubois (Aura Reader, Instructor)
Lisa Taylor (Master Herbalist, Iridologist, ANgel Card Reader, Bioenergy Services)
Tosca Burtenshaw (Oracle Card Reader)
Julie Worthington (Medium and Intuitive guidance)
Terra Longacre (Tea and Tarot Reader)

Contributing Artists and Authors Include:

Carrol Moore (Original Art, Spirit Animal Series)
Joanie Boux (Original Art, Prints and Cards, Sacred Portal and Mandala Art)
Kimberley Buckler (Animal SPirit Bags and “The Essence of Who We are Book”)
Lacy Cowgirl, Cindy CHase (Engraving)
Soul Stone Art, Tina Dubois(Macrame Art)
Spirit Stone Art, Lisa Hodges (leatherworks and Wands)
Earth Stone, Janet Bullard (Wire Wrap Jewelry, Smudge and Clearing Tools)
Abigail Engelking Designs (Silver Jewelry)
Paradise Hill (Engraved Card Deck Boxes)
Janet Gale (Rush Hour Shaman Book)
Senses of the Soul (Samantha Orthlieb) (Tea and sacred Herbs, Senses of the Soul Book)

Store Specialties—

100s of crystals in stock, including large, unique, 1 of a kind specimens.


Unique Imported pieces including Indonesian Petrified Wood and African Brandberg Crystals


Information posed onDSC_0429 instore crystals covering modern to mythical to metaphysical properties and uses.

Local  Artisans work featuring:

Macramé, Wire wrap and silver smith jewelry, Wands, Smudge Feathers, Glass Engraving, and Wood Products.

Featured Artists Include:

Soul Stone Art—Macramé Jewelry

DSC_0425 DSC_0391

Carrol Moore—Spirit Animals



Lacy Cowgirl Engravingd Paradise Hill Designs


Other authors and artisans including Janet Gale, Kimberley Buckler, and Earthstone Gems.