Earth Child Healing – Tammy Kremer – Pranayama Yoga, Andean Shamanic Work

Pranayama Yoga

In alliance with Earth Child healing and guidance, Spirit of Oneness offers the opportunity to bring various yoga practices into your workspace, event or retreat. Whether you choose to participate in the active aspects of yoga or other disciplines within the practice, you can benefit from reducing stress, calming the mind and bringing clarity.  The active practice of yoga is call asana.  This is the movement of the body into various poses.  Many of the poses target specific areas of the body, including the internal organs and the state of mind.  We can open the spine, detoxify the kidneys, liver, stomach and improve blood and oxygen flow throughout the body to name just a few.  Practicing asana in a mindful, calming environment can induce a meditative state, releasing held stress from mind and body.  Increasing our awareness of the physical body through yoga translates into our everyday life, knowing our limits, understanding what our body is telling us and allows us to manage “life” with more joy, ease and grace.

Pranayama is the yoga discipline that teaches breathing practices which can be done anywhere to restore balance to the body and mind.  By controlling our breath (life force energy) we can calm a scattered, stressed mind and body.  We instantly restore the nervous system from a heightened state that chronically causes disease in the body to a state of balance, peace and restfulness.  Learning how to maintain a state of calm more often allows the brain to think clearly, function better, and be more productive.   Working smarter, not harder is a perfect mantra for one of the benefits received during this powerful, easy to learn tool.

Many of us have heard about meditation, it is a term used by many, but understood by few.  There are several techniques within the generic term “meditation”.  We teach easy to follow, easy to remember, and do anywhere tools that benefit any professional.  Meditation helps us concentrate, and calm our minds and body.  Those that practice meditation on any level of complexity enjoy great rewards that have a ripple effect in all areas of their lives.  The discipline of yoga has been shown to increase the quality of your life, at work and at play. Our suite of services would not be complete without it.

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