Drum Circles

Every Drum has a voice, Every Drummer Plays a Song




Rhythm is a universal language known to every one, even the youngest child, it is in us to remember. So in a very  objective, yet beautiful way, an interactive rhythm event puts us all on an equal footing and brings us closer together.

Create synergy, camaraderie and increased well-being. As the group begins to play music together a common language emerges and harmonious communication occurs. Individuals become a team and the team becomes a thriving, vibrant community.

A drum circle is ideally suited to a team building event.







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Spirit of Oneness provides and teaches tools and techniques used to train your body to naturally default to a healthy emotional state, a new normal of vibrant,  renewing, resilient, healthy mental, emotional and spiritual  patterns and practices.

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Our Specialty, The Ceremonial Drum Circle

The drum is at the center of most, possibly all earth based (indigenous/shamanic) traditions. Experience the intense magic of drumming within an open and clear ceremonial space.
Trained in North and South American Shamanic practices, Tara Sue will open and close the ceremonial circle in a “shamanic” ceremonial fashion, smudging, voicing intention, clearing, calling in and honoring our supporting spirits and guides and teachers as well as mother earth and celestial bodies.

Drum Circle can include a guided shamanic journey. Learn to quiet the mind and ride the beat of the drum as you return to your heart and connect deeply to mother earth.
Tara Sue is a gifted guide, skilled at taking her entire group on peaceful, life changing soul discovery journeys. Her ceremonial circles are unique, empowering memorable experiences.
Participants report deep emotional reactions as they experience, sometimes for the first time, the empowering yet serene feelings which come from being deeply connected to themselves, mother earth and all creation.


Community Drum Circles

Co-operation and collaboration is the basic glue to a community. A community drum circle is a collaboratively self organized musical event created, “in the moment,” by all the people who participate.
When a community drums together, sharing spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes relationships for the positive. The experience is connected yet unique for every person that is in the rhythm circle.
Drum circles can teach team building in a unique way, stimulate creative thinking, promote cooperation among participants, encourage clear communication and motivate harmonious interaction between participants, all while providing a playful vehicle for experiential learning.

Documented medical results include enhanced immune system function, better connection to loved ones in Alzheimers patients, relief from depression, help retraining the brain in stroke and other neurologically impaired patients, improved mood states, reduced burnout (stress relief), and relief from chronic pain.

The drum beat relaxes the logical human mind allowing one to more directly experience their inner intuitive self.

Tara Sue Moore and Spirit of Oneness host Community Drum Circles in the Cochrane Area, If you have your own community group, contact Tara at 403-804-8623 to explore hosting a drum circle


Professional Team Building Drum Circles

In alliance with Circles of Rhythm, Spirit of Oneness coordinates and provides drumming opportunities for any event from small private group sessions, to Community Drum Circles, to large corporate events and retreats. Like dancing, drumming has been a part of every society on earth for most of the history of this planet. Drumming is an evolutionary driver, a real time hands on experience of where we are evolving to as a human species. A drum circle provides us with a microcosmovision of the kind of world we want to live in moment to moment. The beat of the drum reaches out and opens the connections between each of us in a simple easy manner. As the drumming progresses, you feel yourself connect to the earth, and feel your own body come into alignment with yourself and your peers. Regular drumming is being used with positive results in many health and wellness programs globally.

“In a drum circle, participants are all of equal value, no one is less or more important than anyone else. A drum circle washes away our differences and brings us together simply as human beings. It flattens the Hierarchy, wipes out competition, and embraces unity, collaboration and simplicity. It is about the great planetary shift from me to we, and from competition to collaboration”. Judy Atkinson, Circles of Rhythm.

Judy describes the drum circle as a hands on experience of:


All drum circles can include the following elements.

A heart centered guided imagery meditation with a specific group or individual intention and focus.
Healing Cradle—Allow the rhythm to align and heal right down to each cell. Take turns giving and receiving.
Call and response, each drummer has a chance to lead the group.
Movement—An opportunity to move and dance to the drum beat.
Drumming connects to the human heart beat, it aligns each cell within our bodies allowing the space for clearing , healing and connecting to occur naturally with ease and grace.


Spirit of Oneness is continually working to bring together the services of a variety of highly skilled teachers, facilitators and practitioners to offer a wide variety of Workshops and Retreats all designed to raise the awareness and health levels of our community.