Customized Corporate Solutions

With almost 2 decades of experience with one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, Spirit Of Oneness founder, Tara Sue Moore is an experienced facilitator who specializes in solutions to support your employees in creating a healthier, more vibrant, more cohesive workplace environment.

Services range from health and wellness training workshops like Heartmath Resiliency Tools or Basic Grounding and centering skills, to drum circles and dance and movement programs. Our workshops and services are designed to be accessed individually or woven into an integrated package. Programs are custom designed to fit each client’s needs. Working together, we construct a whole entity wellness solution.  At the heart of Spirit of Oneness’s services is the revolutionary, powerful, scientifically researched and documented Heartmath Resiliency teachings and technology. Benefits you should expect from working with Spirit of Oneness include:

Most current health and wellness solutions address pieces of the whole; Spirit of Oneness focuses on integration from the heart of the matter out. When your current mainstream health and wellness package leaves you feeling a little empty, contact us at to discover how Spirit of Oneness can build a bridge to fill the void.