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Workshop – Healing with the Elements of the Earth

The Power of Grounded Connection An introduction to the power of the earth elements, Earth, Air Fire and Water to support and heal. Learn about the unique properties of each element, learn 1 technique for earth healing and finish with a guided journey to connect and ground you to the Earth Mother. Suitable for newcomers […]

Demystifying the Shamanic Journey

When you hear the words Shamanic Journey, what is the first reaction you have? Is it a vision of an enticing, exotic ceremony? Is it something you would secretely love to try doing but at the same time believe it is something you could never do? Do you think you are too much “in your […]

Giving and Receiving, Finding the Balance Part 1

One of my current favorite topics is the seemingly frequent struggle to balance self-care with caring for others. Many of us in this world are givers. It simply makes one feel good to give something to someone, or to help someone out. It does not matter if they know or not, it is the act […]