Book & Equipment Rentals, local artisans & retail products

The Spirit of Oneness workshop and entertainment space in Cochrane, Alberta displays the artwork and handicrafts of a select set of local artisans. Several artists have permanent space, most are invited to display their work for limited times. If you are a local artist, who would like your products to be exhibited with us, please contact Tara directly at

Artists currently featured include:

Carrol Beil Moore – Spirit Animal Paintings. Eagles, Bears, Ravens and Wolves are all hanging here. Consign Carrol to bring your personal spirit animal guide to life.

Kimberley Buckler

Retail Products

SOO currently carries a limited selection of the following products:

Heartmath Biofeedback and education Products

Young Living Essential Oils

Djembe and Buffalo Drums

Crystals, Mindfolds, Shamanic Tools

Literature and Equipment Rentals

Library Services – A reasonably expansive collection of health and wellness books are available to be borrowed. $2 per book, credit card required.

Heart Math Inner Balance Ear monitors – $25 per month, $50 for 3 months. While many individuals will prefer to purchase their own sensor, Tara Sue finds that once one learns how their body feels when one is in coherence, the monitor is not needed. For many people, they only require the biofeedback gadget for a limited time period, so may choose to rent rather than purchase.