Workshop – Awakening The Illuminated Heart

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering Remember how to journey into the tiny space of creation within ones very own heart and activate your merkaba, permanent and perfect immediately. Atih 3 fold Flyer – Tara Are you ready to remember who you really are?   Are you ready to return to humanities ancient […]

Grade 3 Crystal Classroom Presentation

A Hands on Experiential, interactive journey through a large sample of Crystals and Gem stones. The presentation focuses on the modern, and the mythical uses for the various stones, mention of metaphysical properties is minimal. Structured to encourage students to share the knowledge of their studies of rocks and minerals. Talk for Grade 3 School.docx […]

Movies that Move Minds – A Cochrane Choices Event Series

Change your Mind, Change your Life Held at the Ranchouse Theatre, the Movies that Change Minds series features a selection of current consciousness shifting, belief stretching movies. Each movie will be followed by a short discussion led by the sponsors. This series of movies is sponsored by local vendors Including: Tara Sue Moore from Spirit of […]

Workshop – Heart Mapping – Heart Based Problem Solving.

Mind and Heart Mapping – 3 Hour workshop. Facilitator – Certified Heartmath Resiliency Coach, Tara Sue Moore A powerful planning and problem solving tool, Learn to create a joint venture between the mind and the heart, resulting in more balanced and complete plans. Do you have a project to plan or a problem to solve? […]

Workshop – Metaphysical Meanderings

Metaphysical Meanderings – 2 day workshop Facilitators, Heather Bishop and Tara Sue Moore Are you curious about the metaphysical world, but reluctant to start asking questions. Do you sense there is something to all of this spiritual stuff, but find the language and the practices simply daunting and overwhelming, maybe even just too weird? Metaphysical […]

Workshop – Return to Earth – The Power of Grounded Connection

The Power of Mother Earth – 1 day workshop Facilitators Tara Sue Moore and Tammy Kremer When in a grounded state, you are present, powerful, centered and powerful. This planet we live on is powerful and by learning some simple grounding techniques, one can be centered and focused and present and effective

Workshop – Energetically Powered Up Vision Boards

Energetically powered up Vision Boards – 3-4 hour workshop Vision boards provide incentive, help with visualization, support one in thinking beyond limitations, are fun to create……and they work!! The Law of attraction, simple physics, states that we humans draw into our world that which we give our attention to. We can choose to create our […]

Workshop – Tips and Techniques to Function and Flourish as an Empath

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) and/or empaths see, sense and feel the thoughts and emotions of the people around them as if they were their own. Do you avoid crowds because you struggle to hold your own space among the emotions and thoughts of so many people? Do you wish you could stay home where you […]

Julie Worthington, Medium and Intuitive

Julie’s journey began 16 years ago with taking Reiki and reading books on energy, followed by massage therapy, (RMT) reflexology and medium courses. Julie loves connecting to all energy and feeling the love and seeing the healing that can take place. She finds balance and flow in being a single mom by doing yoga, running and spending […]