Awakening to the Energetic World

Under the Sole Proprietorship, Ametrine Spirit, Tara Sue Moore offers numerous workshops and Meditations Supporting ones awakening to the energetic world.

Awakening to the Energetic world Workshops, Meditations, and activities.

Grounded and Present Series- Become strong, healthy and effective

Physical Earth Connection

Mental Presence and Connection

Emotional Presence

Spiritual Grounded and Present

Space – Clearing and Creating Series 

Creating time and space feels like. This series of teachings and activities creates space through numerous channels

Physical Space Clearing

Mental Space Clearing

Emotional Space Clearing

Spiritual/Energetic Space Clearing

Presence Grid Clearing and Alignment Workshop – 1 day workshop – end of April

Increasing Intuition – Developing your senses

Working With Your Pendulum

This is a two hour workshop that will help you feel more comfortable with working with your pendulum. We will be exploring ways that we can use our pendulums safely on a daily basis. There will be a lot of practice time and support.

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Investment: $45.00
Instructor: Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master & Intuitive) Register: 403-851-4448


Perspectives – Shifting, Changing and Choosing, increasing flexibility series

Physical Perspective Shifting

Mental Perspective Shifting

Emotional Perspective Shifting

Spiritual Perspective Shifting

Daring Darkness, Developing Inner Vision – An Intimate Partner Dancing Workshop

Physical Connection

Mental Connection

Emotional COnnection

Spiritual/Energetic Connection

COuld Include the Sufi Blessing Dance? Or another Dance of Universal Peace.