Jenny McDonald, C.R.Th (Crystal Resonance Technician), P.A.H.T.(Primus Activation Healing Technician)

Specializing in crystal energy healing, chakra balancing and nutritional guidance with the technology of the ZYTO compass bio scan system.

My love of nature and desire to effect positive change in others has led me to meet a wonderful individual and instructor, Naisha Ashian. Through her teachings I have been able to clear and heal myself – emotionally, physically and on the mental level clearing negative thought patterns and mind chatter. I have now completed the clinical studies of this amazing healing technique so that I am able to share it with others on a professional scale. Since my course completion in November 2014 I have been working in a clinical setting surrounded by inspiring women who offer their own unique services alongside mine. This experience has taught me that everyday provides an opportunity for learning as well as an opportunity to inspire others and provide them the tools to become the best version of themselves. Crystal Resonance Therapy has brought a sense of joy and happiness into my life and I know it has much to offer to those who give it a try and experience the power of crystal energy and most important the power of Love energy.

I have also always had a passion for finding ways to heal naturally. First starting with creating a habit of health, so daily, making sure I am putting into my body what it needs for every system to function properly and effectively as well as stress management. This means “daily” making time to positively boost the body, mind and spirit because it is all 3 of these components working together that are the totality of what determines our health and happiness. Everyone is different so that might mean going for a walk or a run, going to the gym, attending a yoga class or spending some time in quiet meditation. Maybe reading a book, painting, creating pottery or dancing or singing. Something to feed our soul and ease our mind.

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