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Earthstone Gems Workshops

Earthstone Gems Earthstone Gems creates Hand-crafted jewelry inspired by natural stones and crystals. Each piece is handmade and designed to provide support and beauty to the new owner. I have a love for stones and jewelry and found myself able to combine both of these into a new passion. My favorite thing is when I […]


TREAT YOUR FEET Reflexology is a healing treatment from ancient times, etchings of Reflexology being used as a treatment can be found in Egyptian Pyramids, tombs and other ruins and with time has become quite popular. The half hour in-store treatments target the reflexes in the feet; these reflexes correspond with all parts of the […]


TEA AND TAROT WITH TERRA  Tea and Tarot with Terra readings will offer you a chance to take a moment for yourself to relax, re-group and get reconnected with your essence and see your current life situation with more depth, by drawing from past experiences and future potentials from the perspective of the Tarot. This […]

Terra Kenzie Longacre, C.N.H.P.

Holistic Health Practitioner Terra is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner that provides both bodywork and energetic Holistic treatments such as; Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Crystal therapy, as well as working with the Chakra system and Past life Regression. Depending on what you are seeking, this can offer a well-rounded experience and the opportunity to work […]

Intuitive Angel Card Readings, Lisa Taylor

Have you ever wondered what’s next? Have you ever wondered about a relationship in your life? Many people are looking for direction in their life, and an intuitive angel card reading is a way for you to connect with your angels, guides and your highest good. Lisa has been working with angel cards for over […]

Iridology Readings and Reports, Lisa Taylor

Natural Health Assessment   Lisa uses the tools of iridology (analysis of the colored part of the eye) and sclerology (analysis of the white of the eye) as well as tongue assessment to provide you with valuable information regarding your health. Both iridology and sclerology are a scientific method, which have been used for hundreds […]

Earth Child Healing – Tammy Kremer – Pranayama Yoga, Andean Shamanic Work

Pranayama Yoga In alliance with Earth Child healing and guidance, Spirit of Oneness offers the opportunity to bring various yoga practices into your workspace, event or retreat. Whether you choose to participate in the active aspects of yoga or other disciplines within the practice, you can benefit from reducing stress, calming the mind and bringing […]

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval

  Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval   Whole Presence is an opportunity to retrieve and reunify all aspects of your energetic Self –“Presence”. Similar to soul retrieval Whole Presence brings back and integrates amounts of your Soul energy that have been lost, given or taken away. However, in this advanced process you are guided in […]