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Earth Child Healing – Tammy Kremer – Pranayama Yoga, Andean Shamanic Work

Pranayama Yoga In alliance with Earth Child healing and guidance, Spirit of Oneness offers the opportunity to bring various yoga practices into your workspace, event or retreat. Whether you choose to participate in the active aspects of yoga or other disciplines within the practice, you can benefit from reducing stress, calming the mind and bringing […]

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval

  Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval   Whole Presence is an opportunity to retrieve and reunify all aspects of your energetic Self –“Presence”. Similar to soul retrieval Whole Presence brings back and integrates amounts of your Soul energy that have been lost, given or taken away. However, in this advanced process you are guided in […]

Tina Dubois, Crystal Healer, Aura Reader, Crystal Jewelery Macrame Artist

Tina is the artisan behind Soul Stone Art, creating custom gemstone jewellery and art, specializing in chakra balancing pieces and metal-free designs. She holds a deep love of crystals and finds great satisfaction in helping others find the crystals that will work best for them.   Tina has studied the Aura Mastery system and uses […]

Jan Gale, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Usui and Karuna ® Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Acutonics Tuning Fork Practitioner (1), and certified Yoga Instructor

The Rush Hour Shaman: Shamanic Practices for Urban Living   This book offers an opportunity to heal the reader on many levels; physical, emotional and spiritual through the creation and development of a personal practice of ritual and ceremony.  These practices, used by our ancestors for millennia, reconnect us to our greatest sources of healing, […]

Tosca Burtenshaw – Intuitive Reader, Usui Reiki Master

Tosca is an intuitive who has been exploring different modalities on her journey to find how she can best contribute to the wellness and healing of others. She loves learning and has attended several courses and workshops which have exposed her to new ideas as well as expanded her intuitive abilities. Some of these workshops include Building Intuition and […]

Lisa Taylor -Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Bio Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader

Lisa Taylor has been Master Herbalist since 2007 and has worked with over 800 people as a Natural Health Consultant. She uses the tools of iridology (analysis of the iris), sclerology (analysis of the white of the eye) and tongue assessment (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help provide you insight to your body’s strengths and weaknesses. […]

Workshop – Healing with the Elements of the Earth

The Power of Grounded Connection An introduction to the power of the earth elements, Earth, Air Fire and Water to support and heal. Learn about the unique properties of each element, learn 1 technique for earth healing and finish with a guided journey to connect and ground you to the Earth Mother. Suitable for newcomers […]

Demystifying the Shamanic Journey

When you hear the words Shamanic Journey, what is the first reaction you have? Is it a vision of an enticing, exotic ceremony? Is it something you would secretely love to try doing but at the same time believe it is something you could never do? Do you think you are too much “in your […]