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Workshop – Awakening The Illuminated Heart

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering Remember how to journey into the tiny space of creation within ones very own heart and activate your merkaba, permanent and perfect immediately. Atih 3 fold Flyer – Tara Are you ready to remember who you really are?   Are you ready to return to humanities ancient […]

Aura Imaging

Aura and Chakra Imaging Biofeedback Services Spirit of Oneness provides real time Aura and chakra Imaging. A unique and fun method to discover how one processes life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, our advanced biofeedback system measures from acupuncture points on the fingers and thumb and translates this into a visual display of your colours. […]

Tara Sue’s Journey

For all of my life, I have felt there were pieces that did not ”fit into the puzzle”, little bits of “common” knowledge that just did not resonate. I could not identify what I was looking for but I explored with an open mind, and sought answers. Studying, reading and learning about all things, metaphysical […]

The Call to Teach ATIH (February 2012)

For as long as I can recall, in this lifetime anyhow, I have been exceptionally open minded in many, many ways, but had someone told me that I would be teaching a spiritual ascension related workshop starting in 2012, I would not have credited the statement with containing even the smallest possibility of truth. My […]

Acutonics Introduction

Learn About Acutonics Sound Therapy A Harmonic Approach to Alternative Health Care From the Acutonics website Sound Therapy: At no time in our history has there been greater desire, interest and need for alternative forms of health care. The Acutonics® System of Healing and Education answers these needs, by drawing on science, music, metaphysics, ancient truths, philosophical […]

Acutonics – The Fibonacci Process

HARMONIC GEOMETRY: THE FIBONACCI PROCESS and ATLANTIS RE-MEMBERED   Prerequisite: Acutonics Level 1 or better is required. The use of sound as a vehicle for healing is being recognized from a wide variety of healing modalities and systems. Truly, it seems that sound has a ‘voice’ that is rising from the very heart of the cosmos to […]